July 03 2020
Alfa Elettronica -

It is a very unusual time for all of us and so we know our communication lines must stay open at all costs. We believe that constantly updating you on our current actions and future plans is essential for preserving the deep, mutual bond of trust we share with you.

Since more stringent restrictions were put in place to tackle the Covid-19 emergency, Alfa Elettronica decided to face this situation head on, naturally in full compliance with all safety measures, continuing to supply production chains in sectors currently considered crucial to ensuring essential goods and services for people during this crisis.

Alfa Elettronica is adopting special measures for customers in the medical sector, which is always a top priority, and now absolutely vital in supporting the extraordinary efforts of the national health service.

All other activities are also being continued via smart working. And research and development is equally important, because when the time comes to start up again, innovation will make all the difference, more than ever before.

Alfa Elettronica has always prioritised corporate social responsibility, and in these critical circumstances, we all have to make an even greater effort and so we are proud to do our bit for the greater good.

Alfa Elettronica is still here.