Advanced manufacturing processes
and system vision

We have been manufacturing electronic equipment for industrial automation since 1985.
From the beginning we adopted a path of constant development, supported by a solid, coherent system vision. Adopting processes inspired by advanced industrial philosophies like Lean Manufacturing and the Toyota Production System, allowed us to consolidate and expand our markets over time.
We ensure absolute transparency in each delivery through product traceability, made possible by a management software system integrated with manufacturing and logistics, which allows tracing the history of components and processes of each individual circuit board.


To understand customer requirements, working together to conceive, design and produce systems and electronic equipment that help get increasingly innovative and ambitious projects up and running.


To develop innovative ideas to be used in the systems and solutions of the future by exploiting the desire for continuous improvement, experience, passion and enthusiasm of a motivated team.

Partnerships with
the Seed Group and Meditech Group
business networks.

Always ready for new challenges, we contributed to the creation of Seed Group, a business network with 300 staff members and a turnover of over 30 million Euros, this group is highly skilled in integrated electronic and mechanical products.
Since 2016 we have also been part of the Meditech Group, a network with more than 1,100 staff members and a turnover of 130 million Euros, operating in the medical devices and medical and food equipment sector.