July 03 2020
Alfa Elettronica - ELMIA Subcontractor

Good news from ELMIA Subcontractor, the International Trade Fair for the Industrial Subcontracting Sector in Jönköping, and from Compamed, the International Exhibition for Suppliers and Manufacturers of Medical Technologies in Düsseldorf, both held in November 2019. Presenting at the first the best of its production of electronic components and, at the second, some novelties regarding the customizable control and monitoring platforms of the commercial, pharmaceutical and medical refrigeration equipment of its HT Control division, Alfa Elettronica has managed to get interest from some particularly demanding buyers.

Therefore, the results are more than satisfactory, since this type of very specific events mean that the quality rather than the quantity of contacts is rewarding for the exhibitors. In the case of Alfa Elettronica, moreover, the contacts are already ready to translate into concrete opportunities.