Excellent integration
of processing systems

For us, manufacturing means integrating complementary processing systems in a rational way: from THT (Through Hole Technology) assembly with wave soldering, to SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) assembly with automatic screen printing and flexible Pick and Place systems with automatic optical control.
The two SMT assembly lines, produced by Fuji, are independent, flexible thanks to interchangeable mounting heads, and capable of applying QR Code/Data Matrix labels.
In our manufacturing processes, individual excellence is channelled into a global permanent training and continuous improvement project. Individual skill is supported by exclusive guided assembly procedures.

Alfa Elettronica | Excellent integration of processing systems

THT assembly line

Our THT assembly line has a conveyor belt with carriage sensor that takes the board to a wave soldering machine with nitrogen tunnel, which instantly and automatically adjusts parameters based on the individual product to be soldered. Every workstation has a PC which allows progress status to be checked and be constantly update instructions to be displayed. A selective soldering machine completes the line.

Alfa Elettronica | THT assembly line

SMT assembly line

Our SMT assembly line has cutting edge screen printing machines and an inline SPI solder paste inspection system which guarantee maximum solder paste dispensing quality. There are also two latest-generation machines that can handle 01005, PQFP, BGA, uBGA and fine pitch parts. The line also includes 2 computer-controlled ovens, one with 20 zones and the other with 14 zones. The closed loop provides feedback to the screen printing machines via the SPI to update settings and foresee any drift.

Alfa Elettronica | SMT assembly line

Integrated electromechanical equipment

We can manufacture complete systems with circuit boards, electromechanical components and wiring, guaranteeing traceability of all screw-mounting processes using sophisticated electronically controlled equipment.

Alfa Elettronica | Integrated electromechanical equipment

Conformal coating

To ensure maximum reliability, we can process circuit boards with conformal coating with an Asymtek coating machine, an automated protective treatment which makes the resin film compliant with specific requirements, and more effective in protecting components against corrosion which could jeopardize function.

Alfa Elettronica | Conformal coating

Inspections and testing
with advanced systems

The quality of each of our products is assured by the use of customer-approved components subjected to strict technical and functional checks at key points of the production processes. We use an external database to assess component obsolescence according to product life management principles, to check compatibility with REACH and RoHS regulations and to identify replacement parts in the event of obsolescence. The testing equipment used includes two flying probe testers, two ICT fixed probes and an X-ray machine which allows extremely accurate checking of all soldering, including invisible soldering points. Assembled circuit boards are automatically checked using AOI equipment.

Alfa Elettronica | Inspections and testing with advanced systems