Total commitment to customer satisfaction

We have always invested a lot in the quality of services, working tirelessly towards increasing completeness and integration of those services. Traceability, Lifecycle Management, New Product Introduction, design, industrialisation, prototyping and logistics are areas where we want to offer the best in resources, technologies and research.


We guarantee total product traceability, ensuring use of components that conform to customer requirements and providing all process details for each individual circuit board.

Lifecycle Management

We collaborate with a specialised platform in component lifecycle management, via which we also guarantee component conformity with European and global regulations (Reach, RoHS, Conflict Minerals and others). We are also able to operate proactively, flagging up any product obsolescence before it happens.

New Product Introduction

Using special software, we can manage introduction of new products into the manufacturing process, closely following the documentation supplied by the customer and giving operators clear and detailed instructions.


Our many years of experience in design embraces various areas of electronics, ranging from motor control to signal management, through to latest-generation wireless.


Thanks to the solidity of our know-how, we are able to offer the customer the necessary consulting so that the product is easily managed with the maximum efficiency from production to testing.


With solid experience in TPS, we ensure rapid circuit board prototyping times, developing the prototype directly into production lines with the purpose of early identification of any problems in the manufacturing process.


We internally manage the entire logistics cycle, including purchasing of electronic components.